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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer is here!

Stacy & Samantha after the dance show

Samantha & her friend Olivia with their pretty flowers

Connor on his favorite thing in the world-his new bike!

Samantha & Connor about to go for a ride

Connor proudly wearing his medal on the last day of school

Cousin Adam stole Connor's hat! Silly boy!

Last day of school pic of Connor's class

Been busy around here...Connor got a new bike with his birthday money from his grandpa and he is loving it as you can tell by the new pics. Almost every evening Sam has taken the kids out and it is so funny to watch them! He calls Connor "too fast" since he races along, lol. Samantha is improving, but seems to be taking after her older brother and sister with coordination...let's just say it isn't coming naturally-but she does have the desire to ride that they never had.

Samantha is having fun this week at vacation bible school. Especially since her best friend Kate is there with her :-) getting her out of bed hasn't been fun though! Speaking of which-Stacy &Ryan have been loving the sleeping in, I don't mind since the whole school year they were up at the crack of dawn in time to catch the bus, lol. Stacy starts her volunteer work next Monday-she will be at the assisted living apartments again. I think she missed her new friends there as much as they missed her. Haven't seen much studying for the driving permits yet, I told them I'm taking them at the end of the month and it is up to them to ready. Hard in the summer though when there are much more exciting things to be doing! Havent decided when they will take classes for the driving instruction-it is SO expensive, much less for two at the same time! Definitely want to do it AS they are learning. I admit I am twice as scared at the thought of both of them driving, guess it is hard for all parents-but especially when someone you know loses their child as a co-worker of Sam's did this past week. Only 16 years old! Please keep our friend Linda in your prayers who has suffered this terrible loss.

Happy birthday to my nephew Kevin! Today he is 15 years old...we love you Kevin, you are such a smart and lovin son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, and friend to all of us who know you.

Connor had a hard time last month with the steroid weaning. Not unexpected, but still scary to see him relapsing with his OMS symptoms. Thankfully an extra dose of meeds got him through and back to himself. Just not sure how to continue the wean at this point without encountering any more damage than he already has. Good news from the speech therapist on his recent evaluation! He measured closely to his age for what he understands-and for expressive language although it was around 2 years behind, he is coming along. His last infusion went good, we go back on the 23rd I think. Please keep Connor in your prayers to be able to get off his steroids and for infections to keep away.


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