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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Connor!

Connor had wonderful party yesterday afternoon-even if it DID rain on our outside fun we had plannned. Luckily I had planned an indoor activity for the kids as well-so they had a blast making sand bottles with a sand art kit-they turned out beautifully!
Seeing his excitement over all the decorations, cake, presents, food, goody bags, and all the family that helped celebrate with us made it so special. He KNEW for the first time ever that it was HIS birthday and that he is FOUR. I am so blessed with how far he has come these past few years...thank you to everyone who helped make his day so great, we love you all so much!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time is flying!

The school year is wrapping up, Easter is over, along with spring break for the kiddos...I almost didn't want to post because I find myself repeating the same things-another round of steroids with extremely bad pain for Connor kept us busy, along with a quick trip to Destin during Spring Break which luckily fell in between the pain game Connor gets to play every month.

The big kids were away-so it was just Sam, me and the little ones. Had a very relaxing stay-no crowds like at Disney, lol. Connor got brave and got in the water for the first time EVER at the beach-only to have it ruined by a very mean jellyfish that got hold of his left leg. Poor baby, WHY did it have to happen to him? I wish it had stung me so badly, I don't know if he will get back in the ocean anytime soon, lol.

I don't think I have mentioned that the doctor is reducing Connor's steroids from 12mg per day x three days a month to 8mg a day for those three days...hoping to get some of this pain under control. We will find out soon-he begins another round on Thursday. Next week is Atlanta week, and also a VERY special day is coming up soon! Connor's birthday is on the 26th, he is so excited! I cannot believe my little guy will be 4 years old, I am so thankful for each day with him. He has been doing wonderful with speech therapy and it is showing, his words are coming out a little clearer and FINALLY he is repeating random words after us during conversation.

Here are some pics from our trip! Thanks for all the prayers and Relay for Life support. Look for Connor next month in HER magazine, an article about RFL will be included in the issue. If there is an online link, I'll be sure to post it.

Making faces!

Samantha & Connor in Destin,Florida

In time out for one of the few times I have ever had to resort to it...he knocked over Samantha's sand castle on purpose.

Sand castle fun!

Connor and me, aka my little monkey!

Daddy & Connor, my handsome guys!

I LOVE this shot of Connor-the sun was about to set and he just looks so happy.

My darling girl!

Did I mention Connor is into hats now, lol?

My lovely little sweeties...

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Connor George Khoury